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Recent Grad Working in Assets Protection
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Ryan O'ShaughnessyRyan O'Shaughnessy recently completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice. Following his junior year, Ryan landed an internship with Target in Jersey City, NJ. His internship focused on the shortage control, and his major responsibility was to improve the logistics and minimize error. As an intern, he also worked in every other department of the store for brief amounts of time. At Target, interns learn all aspects of the retail business and how it operates. "The internships are not the typical cliché of fetching coffee and making copies. These internships are hands-on, critical thinking, real world experiences that enrich your resume as well as your life experiences."

Ryan also believes that "The Career Center prepared me for all aspects of the interview process: perfecting my resume and cover letter, conducting research on the company, and nailing the interview".

Ryan says that hard work paid off. He applied his strengths from athletics directly into his work. Leadership, time management, and determination are the qualities that made him stand out among the hundreds of applicants for the Target internship. "Identifying the qualities that make you unique is essential to finding the job that suits you."

After completing his internship, Ryan was offered a job with Target in Assets Protection. His advice to students is "it's difficult to balance training and work, but it's not impossible. There's no reason for anyone to graduate without an internship. Apply yourself and be persistent and good things will happen."

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