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Scientific American Joins with InnoCentive to Offer Two Challenges
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Scientific American magazine has teamed with InnoCentive to help solve some of the most pressing scientific, technological and policy problems. Awards for solvers are cash prizes ranging from $5,000 to $1 million. Open challenges include:

Wireless Network for Industrial Equipment
September 25
Challenge Reward:
$15,000 USD
Challenge Type: Theoretical-IP Transfer
The Seeker has an industrial application in which 100 devices communicate through hard wired networks. These devices run an electronic drive control application and include motors, switches, etc. All devices are inside an enclosed steel container. These devices generate a large amount of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Small bits of information are passed between devices very quickly at extremely short time intervals. Solvers are requested to propose designs to create a wireless system that handles all communications inside the container. This Challenge requires only a written proposal.
Read more at InnoCentive » 

Expose Data Relationships Through Visualization of Thomson Reuters Web of Science Content 
Challenge Reward: Varies Challenge Type: RTP
This challenge provides an opportunity for Solvers to build a web-based or mobile “app” to explore data relationships in scholarly content in a visual or intuitively engaging way. For this challenge, the Seeker will make available access to Thomson Reuters Web of Science content through Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge API (application programming interface).  

This challenge has unique terms. Please read the challenge-specific agreement carefully. Submissions must include both a written proposal and a prototype implementation using the Web of Knowledge API. Read more at InnoCentive » 

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