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Upperclassmen First 56 Days Calendar - Fall 2013
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1st 56 Days Calendar - UpperclassmenWelcome Back SHU Upperclassmen! For all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors check out what's going on during YOUR First 56 - that's right it's just not for Freshmen anymore - introducing the Upperclassmen First 56 Days Calendar!

We encourage you all to stay involved and take advantage of the events and programs around campus. Check out the Upperclassmen First 56 Days Calendar for fun and educational programs and events. Any student can attend any event on either calendar – residents or commuters are all invited – please join us!

Class of 2014, 2015,& 2016 - your Journey at SHU CONTINUES today!

For more information please contact:
Heath Rossner
(973) 761-9078


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