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The Physician Assistant's Invaluable Role
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Christopher HanifinMedical Office Today recently interviewed School of Health and Medical Sciences professor Christopher Hanifin, MS, PA-C, chair of the Department of Physician Assistant, about the important role that physician assistants (PAs) can play in medical practices.   

In the article titled "Is There a Place for PAs and NPs [nurse practitioners] in Your Practice?", Hanifin, who has been a PA for more than 13 years and has worked in challenging areas of medicine such as cardiothoracic surgery and emergency medicine, discusses how physician extenders can reduce pressure on physicians and provide quality patient care.   

"The use of PAs and NPs frees up physicians' time away from routine tasks so that they are able to focus on the needs of patients who require more complex care," said Hanifin, as quoted in the article. He later adds: "In many cases, PAs are underutilized. Physicians are often surprised to discover the scope of services a PA can provide," noting that, in many states, PAs can perform almost any service that their supervising physician delegates to them.   

With regard to improving patient care and service, Hanifin comments on some of the specific ways that PAs add value: "Patients quickly get used to seeing a PA and appreciate decreased waits and increased access to care."   

Read the full article at Learn more about the Master of Science in Physician Assistant program at the School of Health and Medical Sciences.

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