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Blackboard and PirateNet Changes to Improve Look and Performance
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On Friday, August 16, 2013, from 6 - 11 a.m. the Blackboard servers will be taken offline in order to perform maintenance. This maintenance will not affect the functionality of Blackboard, the tools and features that you have grown accustomed to will remain the same.

The most significant impact of the upgrade, and the one that you will notice immediately, will be a new look for the Blackboard banner at the top of the screen. This new look will be more consistent with the University’s redesigned web presence.

Old Look of Blackboard:
Old Look of Blackboard

New Look of Blackboard:
New look of Blackboard

The following changes will also be made:

  • A new tab has been created for Starfish, Seton Hall’s early warning system. The module will no longer appear on the My Academics tab in Blackboard. With this change, faculty and students will be able to jump directly to Starfish from wherever you are in the learning system. Learn more about Starfish »


  • The eCard tab, which is used to deposit money to or check the balance of your Pirate’s Gold account will be renamed Pirate’s Gold.

  • The Content Collection tab will be removed. Instead we will add a module to the My Academics tab, eliminating one click for you to get to your files.

    Content System

  • The “Blackboard Courses & Communities” channel for employees and the “My Course Enrollments” channel for students which are presently both located on the Main Deck tab within PirateNet will be removed.

    Our analytics on the University website and within PirateNet show us that the majority of people go directly to Blackboard from the website or click the Blackboard icon at the top of PirateNet to access Blackboard courses. This channel forces a sign-in to Blackboard whenever you enter PirateNet and degrades performance for everyone at our busiest times. This channel isn’t completely going away though. Employees can access the channel on the MyInfo tab and students can access the channel on the Academics tab.


If you have questions or need more information please contact the Technology Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or

For more information please contact:
Service Desk
(973) 275-2222


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