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Chesterton Exhibit: Welcome to Chesterton's Home
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Chesterton InstituteThe G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture at Seton Hall University has the pleasure of announcing its participation in the 2013 Rimini Meeting which will be held in Rimini, Italy from August 18 – 24, 2013. The institute is a co-sponsor of this year's Chesterton exhibit. The events are open to the public and free of charge.

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About the Exhibit

The Heavens in "One Room" - Welcome to Chesterton's Home
The exhibit - curated by Ubaldo Casotto, Andrea Monda, Edoardo Rialti, Annalisa Teggi and Gloria Garafulich-Grabois of the G. K. Chesterton Institute - provides visitors, not only with an introduction to the life, thought and work of one the most famous Christian apologist of the twentieth century. It also provides an introduction to the adventures of Innocent Smith, the central character of Chesterton’s novel Manalive. The exhibit will allow visitors to explore a replica of Chesterton’s own home "Top Meadow," the place where he wrote the memorable books that enabled his readers to discover the hidden glories of the ordinary world that they had hitherto taken for granted. The leading idea of the exhibit is very Chestertonian—and therefore very Catholic. Its central theme is found in Chesterton’s 1912 novel Manalive. Like the central character of this novel, is like Chesterton himself—a man who is truly alive. In that novel Chesterton’s suggests that the best way to discover the value of one’s own home is to leave it in order to walk around the world and then return to it with eyes that are now opened to its hidden value.

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