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Welcome to the Class of 2017 from the ROTC Department
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ROTCThe Department of Military Science would like to welcome the class of 2017.

Most recently, the ROTC program participated in Pirate Adventure, a mandatory two-day program for all freshmen that allows them to meet other incoming freshman, future professors, and student mentors. We assisted with Pirate Adventure by developing and orchestrating team-building activities ( i.e. icebreakers, tug-of-war, and mind-sweep) that assist in promoting confidence and camaraderie amongst peers. We concluded with a successful Pirate Adventure thanks in great part to a motivated class of 2017. 

Best wishes to the incoming freshman in their collegiate careers!

Can Do, Never Quit!

For more information please contact:
Department of Military Science (ROTC)
(973) 761-9446


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