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SHU Students Attend World Youth Day
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World Youth Day

Seton Hall students travel to Brazil to experience the trip of a lifetime! The trip will last three weeks and will have 4 major parts: 1) we will first have a youth festival in Mendes where we will meet with other youth from around the world; have times of formation and prayer; and fraternal encounters; 2) we will then spend almost a week living with families and helping the poor in material ways; finishing this 3) we will head to Rio, where we will meet up with the Pope and almost 6 million other young Catholics from around the world! Finally 4) we will spend 3 days visiting the region before returning to ‘our house and describing what great things God has done for us’! (Lk 8:39)

Events in the Fall and Spring Semesters will display what the trip consisted of as well as the direct experiences it brought to the members on the trip!

For more information please contact:
Lauren Ferrara
(732) 685-2261


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