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Diplomacy StudentsWith years of experience in the field and training at some of the most prestigious institutions, the faculty of the School of Diplomacy share a passion for international relations that is matched only by a desire to inspire and support the next generation of global leaders. As academics, lawyers, economists and career diplomats, full-time and adjunct professors mentor Diplomacy students by providing guidance on everything from developing a plan of study to preparing for future careers. In the classroom, that translates to tackling cutting-edge issues and bridging the gap between theory and practice through active learning projects. Last semester, those methods and the resulting collaborations experienced significant return on investment.

"Under my supervision," reflects Dr. Omer Gokcekus, "students in my International Financial Institutions class prepared four reports. I submitted two of these reports to an essay competition hosted by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan and am excited to share that our students are the winners of the 1st and 2nd place prizes, totaling approximately $2,000 USD."

The results of this competition were announced to the public at an award ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan in May. The first place winner, "Efficiency and Effectiveness of Azerbaijan’s Tax System," was written by lead author Eyitayo Akanji, with Abel Beyene, Andrew Antuna, Sean Brock, and Matthew Lawlor. The second place winner, "Corruption and the Tax System," was written by lead author Clare Finnegan, with Sue Casey-Leininger, Rachel Crabtree, Daniella Normil, and Marlenny Fabre. View video »

Similar success was experienced by members of Dr. Martin Edwards’ International Organizations class who were asked to compose op-ed articles for a course assignment. After submitting and reviewing their work, students were encouraged to pitch their articles to a variety of international relations media outlets. Before the end of the semester, nearly a dozen student op-eds were published. Among them, a piece written by graduate student Lindsay Walsh also resulted in a radio interview. View the full list of published student op-eds and learn more »

"In graduate school," remarks Associate Professor Edwards, "students transition from being consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge." After dedicating a semester to producing original research, Master's Research Project students sharpened their presentation skills by creating video abstracts to introduce and share their work with the policy community.

Outside the classroom, twenty-five graduate students contributed to a faculty essay summarizing research in economic surveillance. Double that number worked with faculty to polish their professional skills by attending on-campus workshops covering topics such as grant writing and policy memos.

A commonality among Diplomacy students at Seton Hall is their drive to impact and improve upon our world. “They’re not waiting to get out of School to start making a difference,” says Dr. Ann Marie Murphy, School of Diplomacy Associate Professor, “they’re doing it here.” 

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