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Housing Enhances Student Satisfaction with "Preferred Housing Status"
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Preferred Housing StatusAs of mid-July, some very lucky incoming freshmen will find out if they were matched with their roommate of choice.

This year, the first 850 freshmen to have submitted their housing deposits have the opportunity to select their roommate.

Assistant Director of Housing Cheryl Janus said the new selection process is quite popular, as most of the students who are able to choose a roommate, have already done so.

"It is not a requirement for students to select a roommate, but it's a nice added opportunity to enhance student satisfaction," Janus said.

The students that were chosen to select a roommate have "Preferred Housing Status." Only students with this status can select a roommate. The selection process is complete when both students have selected each other by providing their desired roommate's name or student ID number. If the room is a triple (30 percent of freshmen rooms are triples), a third roommate will be randomly selected.

All roommate requests must be submitted no later than June 26.

In past years, Janus said students were assigned through a software program that matched them based on their answers to lifestyle questions on the housing application. Students were then grouped by their Journey of Transformation class.

"We believe selecting a roommate provides an opportunity for the students to begin building a relationship with each other prior to arriving on campus," said Janus. Besides deciding who is going to bring the refrigerator and who's going to bring the TV, it starts the conversation early on what is expected from each other regarding living styles and relationship expectations."

For more information please contact:
Cheryl Janus
(973) 761-9172


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