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Museum Studies Student has Multiple Internship Experiences
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Jacqui BowenJacqui Bowen is a Graduate Student in Museum Professions, who expects to complete her degree in 2014. During her time as a student, she has put together quite a resume.

Jacqui's first experience in the museum world was at the Historical Society of Princeton, where she was an "Education Intern". She assisted with the research and installation of a hunger and food drive exhibition. As part of her internship, she helped create an interactive program for children that fit into the hunger exhibition.

These experiences caught the attention of the staff at DC Moore Gallery, where she was hired to be "Registration and Press Intern". There, she assisted with conducting inventory at the offsite warehouse, updating and organizing the Artstacks database, creating bibliography sheets for artists that the gallery represents, updating artists' Wikipedia pages, printing and sending press releases.

Currently, Jacqui volunteers at the Seton Hall University Archives and Special Collections, where she surveys collections and occasionally rehouses them into archival storage.

Jacqui has prepared herself for a bright future. This summer she obtained an internship in the Registration and Archives Department at the James A. Michener Museum of Art, where she will learn how a mid-size museum operates.

"The single most important thing that I have done to achieve my career objective at this point is to be open to possibilities. I have rarely turned down an opportunity when I thought it could benefit my career and move me closer to my career objective. While I am not a city person, I still challenged myself to work in New York City because I knew that experience was more important than my aversion to a hectic city".

Jacqui has two pieces of advice that are important for students regarding their careers:

The first is networking. "Even speakers who come to your classes - get their e-mail address and send them a thank you note. I have made connections at the Guggenheim Museum in New York from pursuing those speakers and making it known that I value them and their work. Many professionals are willing to help if you are driven and sincere in your approach."

Her second is very simple: do what you love. "I entered college with the intent on being a veterinarian. While I loved helping animals . . . the only place I was truly happy was in front of a painting learning about the secrets that were hidden between the brush strokes. Following that love of art lead me right to the museum world and I have never looked back".

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