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A growing number of Seton Hall students are getting op-eds published in a variety of publications. From blogs to journals, some are an extension of class assignments and others are independent writings. Diplomacy students continue to excel beyond the classroom and hone experiential skills as professional experts in their field of study.  

"I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have been able to experience at The Whitehead School,” said Lindsay Walsh. “I have gained valuable knowledge applying what I have learned in the classroom to the outside world.”

The first year graduate student who specializes in Africa and International Organizations said writing about the BRICS was especially appealing after a recent trip to the region for an African Union study tour, a course hosted by Seton Hall in Ethiopia.

After debating the BRICS’ political and economic situation with a fellow classmate, Walsh felt compelled to write an article voicing her perspective.

Under the leadership of Dr. Martin Edwards, an Associate Professor at the Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Walsh pitched and landed her editorial in The Globalized World Post, an up-and-coming international relations blog.

In addition to creating opportunities for students, Dr. Edwards’ guidance on how to successfully publish an op-ed has motivated students to develop their own scholarly voice.

 “The publishing of BRICS: Go Big or Go Home has inspired me to write more pieces about topics I am truly passionate about,” explained Walsh. “I hope to continue to apply what I have learned at the Whitehead School specifically in a career at the UN and/or NGO."

Also published in The Globalized World Post, Dana Terry’s research on Bosnia and Herzegovina similarly challenged her to dig deeper in global issues and to improve her understanding of the obstacles to peace building, post-conflict stability and UN reform.

“Effective assessment necessitates the kind of understanding achieved by academics along with personal research and experience,” said Terry. “Understanding helps us grasp the key to positive policy change which will one day unlock the doors of global peace and security.”

Terry credits her academic journey to professional achievements. She said, “My experiences have furnished my mind with knowledge and skill sets that will prove useful for later career aspirations.”

For Julie Cook, her op-ed on applying cap and trade to corporate garbage removal to encourage recycling was written as a much smaller version of her International Political Economy course final paper.

She admitted writing this op-ed published in Earth Times, an environmental issues blog, was more challenging than her previous experiences with op-eds.

 “I had so much research and information on the topic, it was hard to narrow it all down,” explained Cook. “I selected cap and trade because I wanted an environmentally themed economic topic. I try to tailor my topics to environmental issues as I someday hope to work with international environmental policy, preferably within either climate change or wildlife conservation.”

Julie Cook also leveraged her op-ed into a 15 minute radio interview. “Whitehead students compete against students from Georgetown, Columbia, and Princeton for jobs,” said Dr. Edwards.

Dr. Edwards, also the new Fulbright Research Chair in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) and Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), added, “This work demonstrates the simple fact that our students stand toe to toe with them, and they’re perfecting these writing skills that will help them stand out in the years to come.”

Student op-eds published include:

For more information please contact:
Martin Edwards
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