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Learning Chinese with Mobile Technology
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Smartphone ChineseIt is the first year that students in the introductory Chinese course are using a smartphone to learn to speak and write Chinese. Dr. Dongdong Chen initiated this project to integrate mobile technology into the teaching and learning of Chinese languages for students at the introductory level.

Seton Hall University is one of the top universities that provide the most convenient access to technology in higher education. It has made the
use of these applications in learning Chinese possible.

Here is what some of our students had to say about incorporating this technology into their studies:

"Thank goodness for the accessible dictionary. Yet another instance where the smartphone is a useful supportive learning tool in my education. 'Tip Tap Tones' is a timed game that challenges you to memorize pronunciation tone graphs, and 'Learn Chinese' has great vocabulary practice. 'Kuaishou' has translation between English, Chinese characters, and Pinyin which makes it an invaluable dictionary app. The variety of applications offered by the Windows smartphone made it really helpful for me as a student studying my first year of Chinese. Having the smartphone helped me practice my pronunciation and vocabulary in a
fun format." -- Allyson R. Rudd

"This technological learning method allowed everyone to practice writing and
speaking Chinese even when Dr. Chen was not available. There have been many times that I have been confused with the Chinese language and had my questions answered within minutes. The apps available for us to download helped us expand our knowledge of the Chinese language. Looking back now, I realize that I learned words in Chinese that would be helpful in the work field."  -- Andy Jose Aguilar

For more information please contact:
Michael Dooney
(973) 275-2155


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