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Drew HoldenCongratulations to Drew Holden, winner of the Philosophy Department's 2013 Essay Competition. Drew’s "Climate Change, Environmental Ethics, and the Notion of Permissible Harm" was selected as the winner from a number of excellent submissions.

In his paper, Mr. Holden draws on the notion of "permissible harm," where one can harm another if and only if the harm is an aspect of the greatest good, to frame his discussion of what to do about climate change and our dependency on fossil fuels. Mr. Holden realizes that transitioning from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources will cause some degree of financial and economic harm. In the end, however, Mr. Holden concludes that causing this harm is morally permissible, as failing to address climate change and limit our fossil fuel use will cause even more serious economic, ecological, and ethical concerns. Supporting this conclusion, Mr. Holden notes that harms caused by climate change will disproportionately affect the world’s poor. This bears directly on the ethics of climate change, as the sheer number of poor weigh heavily in utilitarian decision making. Additionally, Mr. Holden argues that the world’s poor did not contribute much at all to the problem of climate change, and thus apart from purely consequentialist concerns, having the poor bear the brunt of associated harms is decidedly unjust.

Mr. Holden is currently a senior in the Seton Hall Honors Program and is majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Drew also has interests in the Environmental Studies program and endeavors to do graduate work in Environmental Law.

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