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Gospel Choir in Spring Concert
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Seton Hall Gospel Choir

The purpose for this semester's concert is "to be able to spread the gospel to those who may have never heard the name of Jesus, but are longing for something more in life. We pray that those who attend this event will come in and experience a move of God that will have them to leave the event a changed person. Through this concert, we hope to be able to explain exactly who God is and how he works. Through acting, dancing, spoken word, stepping, and singing, we want to show others how God does a great work in us! On the night of the event, we pray that those who don’t know Him will dedicate their lives to Christ and those who already know Him will be restored, so that they can continue to do the work of the Lord".

In the Gospel Choir concerts, the individual choir members and other students will display their gifts in the areas of vocal and instrumental music, spoken word. Liturgical dance, drama and the crowd pleasing military "step/drill" routine called "Solders for Christ". In recent years, two additional ministries have emerged from the Gospel Choir. Silent Praise, liturgical dance ministry and "Soldiers for Christ". The "soldier" members will execute intricate and syncopated rhythmical routines involving intricate footsteps, thigh clapping and group movement. Each concert song is accompanied with special choreography.

The concert will be performed at the University Center Main Lounge, on the South Orange, New Jersey campus on Sunday May 5, 2013 at 7 p.m. Seating is limited to the first three hundred to arrive.

The Seton Hall University Gospel Choir started in 1972 as a small group called "Jus Us". This group initially consisted of six individuals. The group changed its name to "Voices United". During the middle seventies The Center for Black Studies began official sponsorship of the choir and it became the Seton Hall University Gospel Choir. The center also offered academic credit for participation with the choir. During the late nineteen seventies, a highlight of the choir's itinerary involved them being selected to perform with the Dance Theatre of Harlem on New York City’s Broadway. During the nineties the choir evolved into its current emphasis, which is ministry.

For more information please contact:
Forrest Pritchett
(973) 275-2760


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