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Seton Hall Commemorates the Granting of a Charter to Seton Hall College in 1861
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The 152nd Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Charter Day Convocation took place on Wednesday in the Jubilee Auditorium to commemorate the granting of a charter to Seton Hall College in 1861.

The event recognized individuals at Seton Hall who have shown leadership, service and dedication to both the University and the larger community.

The McQuaid Medal was awarded to Beverly Kroeger, assistant to the associate dean for Academic Affairs, Jimmy O’Donnell, senior associate athletics director, and Dr. Judith Stark, associate director of the University Honors Program, professor of Philosophy and co-director of the Environmental Studies Program.

The President's Award for Student Services was awarded to Dr. Janine Buckner, professor and director of Graduate Studies in the department of psychology, for her dedication and responsiveness to students’ needs.

Keynote speaker Monsignor Robert Wister, professor of church history, opened the ceremony with the compelling story of Elizabeth Ann Seton’s life.

Saint Elizabeth, born right before the American Revolution, endured countless tragedies throughout her life, such as losing her mother, stepmother, husband and child and was ostracized by her family for converting to Catholicism. Despite these hardships, she dedicated her time and energy to helping others, making her a saint and servant leader.

"I am certain sure she looks with pride at the recipients of the University's most distinguished award, the McQuaid Medal" Monsignor Wister said. "As a servant leader 200 years ago, Elizabeth Seton sees her vision fulfilled by this year's Servant Leader Scholars."

Provost and Executive Vice President Dr. Larry Robinson then announced the recipients of the McQuaid awards and University President Gabriel Esteban presented them.

"It is a pleasure to be a part of these proceedings today, recognizing three individuals for their outstanding service," Dr. Robinson said.

Beverly Kroeger came to the University in 1992 and started her career in the College of Education in Nov. 1995. She helps answer undergraduate and graduate students' questions regarding Enrollment Service, processes admissions for prospective doctoral students in Education Leadership Management and Policy and helps students when applying for New Jersey certifications as teachers, school nurses and speech language policies.

She also has served on the Community Emergency Response Team, has been a volunteer for the Special Olympics since 1997 and volunteers every Oct. in the "Just Us Girls" breast cancer benefit race in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

"I am in a total state of shock and I’m very humbled," Ms. Kroeger said upon receiving the award.

Jimmy O'Donnell came to the University in 1988 as Director of Recreational Services and a year later became Assistant Athletics Director. Serving his current position since 2008, he manages all aspects of travel for all 14 teams, serves as sport administrator for Men's soccer and basketball. He has been serving the Big East Conference for 24 years and now is chairperson of the Big East Baseball Committee. He also created the student-athlete varsity awards program and the "Most Valuable Pirate Award," while working to attract donations for the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund.

"It's just an honor to be a recipient of this award," Mr. O'Donnell said. "The love everyone has for this school is incredible."

224Dr. Stark joined the University in 1980 and has served as a member of the Faculty Senate, chair of the Salary Equity Committee, chair and founding member of the Women’s Faculty Association, endowed chair in philosophy and Catholic thought, founder of the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Center for Women and Gender Studies, served on the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council and is a contributor in developing the University Core and taught in the Journey of Transformation course annually since its beginning in 2006.

She is the author of two books, seven articles and five book chapters on Saint Augustine, applied ethics, environmental ethics and feminist theories. Her scholarship has also won national recognition. She received the University Research Council Award in 1997 and 2010, the Faculty Service Medal in 2007 and "Woman of the Year" in 1998.

"None of us does this work alone," Stark said. "Because I have such wonderful colleagues, adjunct staff and students, I'm able to fill my passion to teach and awaken a love for learning in students."

The Servant Leader Award is given to students who show dedication to helping the larger and Seton Hall community, who get involved in activities on and off campus and who most importantly model the work of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

The Servant Leader Scholars are Troy Balog, Kim Bauernfeind, Mary Beliveau, Catherine Cantine, Jessica Card, Nicholas Carrico, Anthony Cramond, Marilyn Cruz, Nicole Dellera, Cassie Denbow, Andrew Dill, Brenna Fleis, James Fuller, Amanda Gagne, Christopher Gbogi, Amanda Genabith, Stephanie Gonzalez, Ryan Hardardt, Richard Harzula, Katelyn Hertel, Moira Kelly, Kristin Kosch, Taylor Latourette, Emily Malfitano, Daniela Mallia, Kalie Marshall, Marinna McDermott, Joel Menendez, Andrew Nguyen, Louisa Ozimek, Kelly Palma, Stephanie Pereira, Nicole Phin, John Procopio, Andrea Sherman, Robert Michael Ticse, Tara Wager, Jennifer Walker and Kaela Ward.

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