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End-of-the-Year Party with a Dancing Bonanza and Slavic food
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DancingThursday, April 25, the Slavic Club is holding its End-of-the-Year Party with a Dancing Bonanza, in the Walsh Library, Beck Rooms AB-C, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Dancing session will be conducted by the experienced dancers and dance instructors: Mr. Raymond Cwieka, Dmitri Lenczuk and Nick Hlushko. They will teach us some Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Latin dance steps from the Polonaise, Oberek, Ukrainian Hopak, Kolomyjka, Latin MACH, ballroom, and other dances.

The event is free and everyone is welcome!

Come and have a blast while experiencing multicultural diversity at SHU!

Slavic food will be served!

For more information please contact:
Anna Kuchta
(973) 275-5875


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