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Pirates Pitch Contest $10,000 in Prizes
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Student PresentationPirates Pitch Finals: Student Teams To Compete for $10,000 in Prizes on April 24!

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies will award $10,000 in prizes at Pirates Pitch, the 3nd annual Seton Hall University Venture Fund Competition. The competition will be held on Wednesday April 24 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. in Jubilee Hall Auditorium. "This is a terrific opportunity for our students with entrepreneurial spirit to shine," said Susan Scherreik, Director of the Stillman School of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. "We have doubled the amount of prize money available this year and we expect the 2013 contest to be the best ever," she added.

At the Finalists competition, five student teams will "pitch" their original business ideas to a prestigious panel of outside judges. For those students who have already started a business, the pitch will focus on how to expand their business. The judges are: Bill Bartzak, President, CEO and founder of MD On-Line; Jim DiCarlo, co-founder and Environmental Compliance Officer, Fleetwash, Inc.; Travis Kahn, Executive Director, TechLaunch, LLC, Shannon Morris, President, Sigma Group; and Pravina Raghavan, New York District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration.

The judges will select the two top student teams based on both the students' presentations and written business plans. The judges will evaluate the business models on factors that include creativity, innovation, growth potential, and the venture’s ability to turn a profit.

The winning team will receive $6,000 in prize money, and the runner-up team will receive $3,500. Both top winners will also receive business services to help them launch their ventures. The public is invited to the Pirates Pitch Finalist Competition, and audience members will be asked to cast a vote via their cell phone for their favorite finalist team. The most popular team will receive a $500 Audience Choice Award.

The five student finalists teams are: 

  1. Audiotecha – Team: Carl Banks Jr.;
  2. Eco-Book – Team: Martin Hendela, Zaid Abdelhady and Muhammad Abdelhardy;
  3. – Team: Selene Presseller;
  4. Student Spider – Team: Andre Elliot, Payal Thaker, Vaibhav Shah and Rosehani Shah.
  5. TapFactory LLC – Team: Taseen Peterson.

You can find more information at the Pirates Pitch website. You may also contact Director Scherreik at

For more information please contact:
Susan Scherreik
(973) 275-2251


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