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Fraternity in Political Thought and in Social SciencesThe Department of Catholic Studies is sponsoring a meeting and discussion with Dr. Osvaldo Barreneche of the National University of Argentina in la Plata regarding the Fraternity in Politics movement. The event will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 from 12 to 2 p.m. in the Walsh Library’s Beck Rooms A, B, and C. Light refreshments to follow. This event is free and open to the public.

About the Lecturer
Dr. Osvaldo Barrenche is a Professor of History and the Chair of Society, Politics and Fraternity at the National University of Argentina in la Plata. Dr. Barrenche is one of the leaders of a movement among Latin American scholars named "The University Network for the Study of Fraternity." The Network is an international academic dialogue that aims to promote the study and research of the fraternity as a political category, both in social sciences and humanities. Dr. Barrenche is the author of many books and specializes in issues related to law, politics and justice.

About the Fraternity in Politics Movement
The academic work on fraternity was nourished by practical insights coming from a collaboration between Italian scholars led by Antonio Baggio and Latin American and Caribbean scholars on this topic. Three academic conferences that addressed this issue included: a March 2002 conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, titled: "Politics and Economics: The Voices of Fraternity;" a July 2003 conference in O’Higgins, Argentina, titled: "The Principle of Fraternity," and a June 2005 conference in Rosario, Argentina, titled: "Latin American Meeting of Mayors," which gathered around 1200 people from several countries of the region, including mayors, city councilors, public officers, scholars, and students.

These conferences created interest in the theme of fraternity among many Latin American scholars. This interest galvanized by the South American launch of Antonio Baggio's edited book The Forgotten Principle: Fraternity in Politics and Law. Baggio's book was first published in Spanish in 2006, then in Portuguese in 2008. It was the first title in what would become a book series on this topic, published by the Ciudad Nueva publishing house. The public Universidad Nacional de la Plata in Argentina created the Free Chair in Society, Politics and Fraternity, now held by Professor Osvaldo Barreneche. Its first event was the fourth international seminar on fraternity that took place in 2009 in the city of La Plata with the title: "The Idea of Fraternity in Political Thought and in the Social Sciences." At the end of this seminar, a group of scholars agreed to form jointly the Red Universitaria para el Estudio dela Fraternidad (RUEF) that was conceived of as an international initiative of academic dialogue aimed at promoting research and collaboration on the topic of fraternity. In 2010, a new Chair of "Fraternity and Democracy" was created at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and it formed a local committee to organize the 2011 seminar. The seminar held in Santiago, Chile in October 2011 featured significant representation of Brazilians, who for the first time shared their own research and numerous publications with Latin American Spanish-speaking scholars and students. 125 scholars attended the conference including: Argentina (23), Bolivia (3), Brazil (32), Chile (43), Colombia (6), Cuba (2), Ecuador (1), El Salvador (2), Haiti (1), Mexico (2), Peru (1), Uruguay (2), Italy (5), and Spain (2). Responding to the large presence of Brazilians in Chile and their previous trajectory in the study of fraternity, the organizers decided to hold the 2012 seminar in Brazil in the cities of Caruarú and Recife in the state of Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil.

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