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New Music Technology Program at Seton Hall
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SoundboardThe Music Technology minor is designed to familiarize the student with current trends in software and hardware associated with the creation of electronic music, while surveying the developmental history of music technology. In addition, it offers practical industry-related skills necessary to create electronic music for a variety of genres such as music for film, commercial music, abstract electro-acoustic compositions and more. The minor culminates in the formation of a portfolio reflective of works completed through the course sequence.

While other regional institutions approach music technology from a predominantly academic perspective, Seton Hall’s program prepares you to create electronic compositions that can be both commercially viable and well conceived. The program features a combination of elements you won’t find anywhere else, such as an emphasis on the consequences of technology in music and popular culture, music marketing techniques, the development of “DYI” artist identity and the study of music theory in pursuit of what makes music work.

Here's what students are saying about the program:

"The Music, Sound, and Film course was a great way to be introduced to world of sound effect and soundtrack design in movies. I learned so much, and this class taught me to experience films in new ways. If I could, I would take it over again!" - Ysabella Esteban, Biochemistry, class of 2012

"With video gaming music as a main source of inspiration, taking music technology courses here at Seton Hall has greatly expanded my knowledge of music and sound design. Learning how to use the software to the fullest extent possible, I am now able to produce high-quality audio of the music that has been lingering in my mind for the longest time. I highly recommend this minor to those who want to design film and gaming music!" - Kristopher Salada, Nursing, class of 2014

The minor consists of 18 credits, as follows:

MUTH 2141 Fundamentals of Music
MUAP 2146 Music and Audio Technology I
MUAP 2147 Music and Audio Technology II
MUAP 2148 Music and Sound for Film
MUAP 2149 Music, Technology and Culture
MUAP 2150 Studio Styles and Music Marketing Techniques

For more information please contact:
Jack Stamps
(973) 761-9417


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