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The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies Launches New Facebook Page
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Join Us on FacebookThe Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies announces the recent launch of its new Facebook page featuring highlights and announcements regarding the Institute's various programs, initiatives and events as well as the latest news in the fields of biblical scholarship and Jewish-Christian studies and relations. Through Facebook’s timeline feature, visitors to the Wall will also be able to explore the Institute’s milestones beginning with its founding in 1953.

"We are very excited about utilizing our new Facebook page to further advance our mission of developing, encouraging and increasing the collaborative peace-building efforts of Jewish and Christian scholars, theologians, educators and students," said the Institute's director, The Reverend Lawrence E. Frizzell. "This Social Media platform gives us a tremendous opportunity to build an online community and to connect on a regular basis with both new and longtime friends and supporters."

The Institute furthers its mission through three primary program areas: research and publication; in-depth study and education; and engagement and collaboration. "We are looking forward to developing a new network of friends on Facebook, telling them about the work we do and inviting them to join us in promoting justice and peace throughout our world," Frizzell said. "As we celebrate our 60-year anniversary throughout 2013, we are eager to progressively develop and leverage this global platform as we interact with our students, supporters and the general public in an innovative and meaningful way."

The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was established at Seton Hall University in 1953 and is the founder of the only Jewish-Christian Studies graduate program in the United States, which continues to serve as a model for eliminating prejudice through understanding.

To learn more about the Institute, please visit and "Like" their Facebook page at

About the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies
The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies is a leading center of expertise that has been promoting peace for 60 years. In partnership with Seton Hall University, the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies makes a significant local, regional and global impact through various research, publication, education and engagement programs and initiatives. The Institute has awarded more than $1 million in scholarship aid to students from 21 countries across five continents, helping to unite and empower a new, globally diverse generation of Jewish and Christian scholars, theologians, educators and students who are dedicated to exploring and promoting their shared values, practices, traditions and peaceful pursuits.

For more information please contact:
Lawrence Frizzell
(973) 761-9751


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