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Stillman Students at Maher Terminal
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Picture-From-Terminal-250On Feb 27th 2013 Stillman graduate and undergraduate students taking coursework in Logistics and Operations in Supply Chain Management visited Maher Terminals in Elizabeth, New Jersey along with Associate Professor of Computing and Decision Sciences, Dr Penina Orenstein. The trip to Maher Terminal gave each person who attended a front row seat to a critical portion of a complex yet extremely efficient supply chain. Students learnt about the operation of loading and unloading trucks, storing and retrieving empty containers, multi-modal transport, with the highlight being the loading of a large ship via four automatically operated state of the art cranes.

To quote one student

“The trip to Maher Terminal was absolutely fascinating. I had no idea how elaborate the port operation really is. I knew goods are shipped out and received but I had no idea to that magnitude. The amount of data they have to compile and interpret is mind boggling. Not to mention the sheer size of the container ships and cranes!”

For more information please contact:
Leigh Onimus
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