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Dr. Kurt Rotthoff, assistant professor of economics and legal studies, and Dr. Tin-Chun Chu, assistant professor of biological studies, named Seton Hall University Researchers of the Year.

Kurt W. Rotthoff, Ph.D. Rotthoff's research projects focus on financial economics, industrial organization and behavioral economics. His publications result from applying those fields of inquiry to specific topics in finance, sports and education, and his work is notable for being scholarly in nature while also providing practical implications for decision-making and policy development.

From July 1, 2011 to date, his research has appeared in eight publications including the Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Sports Economics, Economics of Educational Review and Applied Economic Letters.

Dr Tin-Chun ChuA member of the Department of Biological Sciences since 2008, Chu’s research interests include:

  • Use of natural products and their derivatives as potential therapeutic agents for diseases.
  • The study of physiological responses to various stress factors on bacteria.
  • Environmental probes development for prediction, early detection and prevention of algal blooms.
  • Molecular mechanisms of lytic/lysogenic Cyanophage AS- 1 life cycle.
  • Genome projects and bioinformatic analyses of cyanobacteria and cyanophage.

Chu has published 10 peer-reviewed articles, one book chapter and has co-authored one laboratory manual since coming to Seton Hall in 2008. Earlier this year, she published a peer-reviewed article titled “Adaption of Synechococcus sp. IU 625 to growth in the presence of mercuric chloride” in Acta Histochemica.

In addition, she has continued her research with genome projects and bioinformatic analyses of cyanobacteria and cyanophage to establish the molecular probes for early detection of harmful algal blooms. Based on the results obtained from this project, she and one of her students recently co-authored a book chapter: “Detection and Identification of Bloom-Forming Phytoplankton in Selected New Jersey Freshwater Bodies,” which appears in Water Quality Management.

Both Rotthoff and Chu have shared their love of research with Seton Hall students. Two of Rotthoff’s publications were co-authored with undergraduate students, who subsequently enrolled in Ph.D. programs in economics. Likewise, four of his current students are applying to Ph.D. programs in economics.

Chu’s students have won countless awards with her guidance, including Best Doctoral Student Presentation Award; three 1st place Graduate Student Presentation Awards; and several Undergraduate Student Presentation Awards.

"I am grateful for the opportunities that Seton Hall has provided me to serve our students, training them to be productive scientists," says Chu. "My lab is a supportive community, and it has been a true honor to lead such an exceptional team of student researchers."

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