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Children Needed for a Study on Sensory Processing
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Children Needed for a Study on Sensory ProcessingA doctoral candidate in the movement science program at the School of Health and Medical Sciences’ Graduate Program in Health Sciences is seeking children ages 4-11 to participate in a dissertation research study on sensory processing:

We are investigating how children with and without autism spectrum disorder respond to touch, smell, sight, sound and movement. We will measure heart rate and sweat gland activity while your child is exposed to everyday sensory experiences.

Eligibility Requirements:
-Typically developing boys, or boys with autistic spectrum disorder
-Ages 4-11 years
-Free of any medical or psychological disorders
-Not currently taking any medications known to affect arousal level
-Able to follow simple directions
-Able to remain seated for approximately 30 minutes with breaks as needed

The study will be conducted at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, and Barpak Occupational Therapy in Bergenfield, New Jersey, and will require two visits of approximately one hour each.

For more information on this study or to schedule a time for testing, please contact:

Barbara M. Schupak, MPH, OT
School of Health and Medical Sciences
Seton Hall University
(201) 244-0844 or (973) 275-2076

For more information please contact:
Barbara Schupak
(973) 275-2076


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