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All students who have completed Core 1101 and 2101 have one remaining university core course that you must complete, Engaging the World. This course will examine the influence of Christianity on the practice of philanthropy from early Christianity through the 21st century.

Travel to Rome to fulfill your requirement for the third core course, Engaging the World. The course being offered, Philanthropy and Christianity, will be cross listed as a CORE III course, Engaging the World and a political science course. The course will also be counted towards the nonprofit minor for those students interested in this area of study.  

Date: June 8-15, 2013
Travel Costs: $3,700
Deposit Required by March 1, 2013

Contact Dr. Mirabella for more information:
or Ms. Sheila Riley
Dean’s Office
College of Arts & Sciences

For more information please contact:
Roseanne Mirabella
(908) 883-1255


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