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Easter Egg Decorating Workshop
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Easter EggsMarch 14, 2013, 5:30 - 10 p.m., the Slavic Club will be holding its Annual Easter Egg Decorating Workshop in the Walsh Library Beck Rooms (ABC), with instructors, Natalia and Nick Hlushko, in order to teach its members and guests the ancient Slavic tradition of decorating eggs, called "Pysanky" (in Ukrainian) and "PISANKI" (in Polish), with melted bee wax and an instrument called "kistka".

In Slavic cultures, the egg has represented the original source of creation. Pre-Christian Slavs used decorated eggs to welcome the sun during the spring.

Easter Eggs for Slavic ClubThe symbolism of pysanka is a blend of ancient rituals and Christian traditions. Spring is a time for release from confines of winter and Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, and the spiritual rebirth of man. With the acceptance of Christianity in 988 A.D., the pysanka became part of tradition and ritual of Easter in Russia, Ukraine and later in other Slavic countries. The pysanka took on the symbolism of rebirth. The egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ has risen. The decorated eggs became treasured as religious mementos.
Come and learn the ancient Slavic art of decorating your own Easter eggs!

Cost of equipment: $7 person per person, to be pre-paid by March 12

For more information please contact Prof. Anna Kuchta,

Everyone is welcome!

Slavic refreshments will be served!

For more information please contact:
Anna Kuchta
(973) 275-5875


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