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Let My Son Play Football? President Loses This One As Most Say 'Yes'
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High School FootballWhile President Obama recently said that "if I had a son, I'd have to think long and hard" about his playing football, 67% of Americans show no such hesitancy, saying they would let that son play. Only 21% mirrored the "long and hard" response while a mere 9% said they would not let a son play, according to a poll conducted this week by the Seton Hall Sports Poll.

The poll was conducted this week through random dialing across the country (including cell phones), of 894 people, representing a margin of error of +/- 3.3%. Seton Hall University conducts the only regularly run university-based sports poll in the US. The poll found 60% feeling that it was appropriate for the president to comment on the violence in college and pro football, with 33% feeling it was not his place to offer such comment.

"Despite the President's position and despite the almost daily coverage of the concussion dangers presented by the sport, football is America’s favorite sport and parents want to continue the tradition," noted Rick Gentile, director of the poll, which is conducted by the Sharkey Institute.

The poll also found that the Super Bowl ranked third in terms of public attention this week, with the gun control debate named by 51% as "following most closely", with 22% citing the federal budget debate, and 14% citing the game.
Fans rooting interest in the game gave a slight edge to the 49ers, 26%-21%, with 53% citing no rooting interest, and only 18% able to say which Harbaugh brother was coaching which team. (John coaches Baltimore; Jim coaches San Francisco).

Armstrong's Oprah Confession Turns Favorable Rating Of Him Worse
Meanwhile, if Lance Armstrong felt that a confession to doping to Oprah Winfrey would help restore his public standing, he bet incorrectly. Since his admission, public opinion of Armstrong has improved for only 2% of respondents, while for 35%, it got worse. For 46%, it remained the same.

In October, after Armstrong chose silence in response to the stripping of his Tour de France titles, a Seton Hall Sports Poll showed that 37% still had a favorable rating of him, with only 34% registered as unfavorable. Asked this week, only 14% had a favorable rating, with the unfavorable having grown to 40%.
34% felt he was not completely truthful with Ms. Winfrey, while only 27% felt he told her the truth. 53% felt his appearance with her was a desperate attempt to retain some market value in his name.

"With his confession, and after all the years of denial, it looks like the American public is ready to write off Lance Armstrong at last," added Gentile.

And As For Manti Te'o….
65% felt that too much attention was being given to the Manti Te'o "Girlfriend Hoax," with only 10% of respondents feeling there was an appropriate amount of coverage for the story. Respondents were almost evenly divided on how they felt about Te'o's role in the hoax, as 25% felt he was an innocent victim, and 23% felt he was "in on it," with 52% having no opinion

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