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Greg SchippilittiGreg Schipilliti is a Finance major graduating in December 2013. As he approaches the end of his Seton Hall career, Greg will take on an internship at CIT where he will explore various financial departments including Treasury and Corporate Finance, while contributing meaningful analysis to the many business lines within the company. A successful rotational program this summer can lend itself to a full-time position. "I intend to work as part of the Treasury/Corporate Financial department, which will require me to interconnect both my passion for financial analysis and successful models and strategies."

Greg became a serious candidate for the role at CIT through preparation with four business related experiences at Gilford Securities, Tinari Economics, Fifth and Pacific and Gucci. He also had the opportunity to work with the Chris Christie campaign; music industry events in venues such as Madison Square Garden; and even had a stint within a construction company before solely concentrating on his financial career.

"The cliché, 'experience is critical' does resonate in my case, relative to my CIT offer. My internships, in essence, established foundational principles in terms of not only financial theories and processes, but it also gave me a better understanding of corporate politics, networking, and how to position myself for success."

Greg believes experience is the key ingredient to understanding his career direction. Since Finance has multiple disciplines, he intentionally sought out internships from both Corporate and Wall Street venues. Greg wanted to understand the ideal position where his skills and interests best fit, because each direction requires different processes, models, strategies, and analysis. With CIT he believes he "found the firm that matches my interests."

For more information please contact:
Reesa Greenwald
(973) 275-2828


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