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My PerestroikaThursday, Feb. 21, 2013, at 6 p.m., in Fahy 236, Slavic Club and Russian and East European Studies Program will be presenting to the SHU community the Peabody Award winning director, Robin Hessman and her award-winning, very interesting and educational 90-minute documentary, My Perestroika, which is an intimate look at the last generation of Soviet children. Five classmates go from living sheltered childhoods to experiencing the hopes of Gorbachev's reforms and the confusion of the USSR's dissolution, to searching for their places in today's Moscow. With candor and humor, the punk rocker, single mother, entrepreneur and married teachers paint a picture of the challenges, dreams and disappointments of those raised behind the Iron Curtain. Through first-person testimony, vérité footage and vintage home movies, this beautifully crafted documentary reveals a Russia rarely seen on film.

Woven from nearly 200 hours of footage of former Russian schoolmates filmed from 2005 to 2008, hundreds of reels of home movies from the 1970s and 1980s and dozens of Soviet propaganda films of the era, My Perestroika is a nuanced account of a tumultuous time — the last years of the Soviet system — as experienced by a generation coming of age just as its country broke apart. The film is also an affecting portrait of the paths five young people took when their world turned upside down.

Perestroika literally means restructuring in Russian, and it was also the term used to define the political and social changes that followed the collapse of the USSR. This documentary captures the ideology and feelings of a small group of Russians who are of the right age to remember the zeitgeist of Russia both before and after the wall fell. Incredible archival footage shows the society that the Communist Party was trying to build, and it is wonderfully inter cut with the director’s modern footage to build the case that Russia is Russia, and it seems like it will always be that way, regardless of who is running the show.

A co-production of Red Square Productions/Bungalow Town Productions and ITVS International in association with American Documentary | POV.

It came out in 2010 and had its PBS Premiere in June 28, 2011. This year, it has received a Peabody Award, the highest honor for broadcast films.

After its viewing, our Q&A session will be conducted by documentary's director, Robin Hessman.

Everyone is welcome! Slavic food will be served.

For more information please contact:
Anna Kuchta
(973) 275-5875


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