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Seeking SicilyAuthor John Keahey will present his book Seeking Sicily on February 19 at 6 p.m. in the Faculty Lounge of the Bishop Dougherty University Center. Q and A session and reception to follow.

John Keahey has spent more than thirty years as a newspaper/wire service reporter and editor who has turned his love for Italy into a career of writing and speaking on the subject. His third book--Seeking Sicily: A Cultural Journey through Myth and Reality-- takes a unique approach beyond the typical travel narrative. It explores Sicilian culture through a variety of elements: its cuisine, which draws from the influences from the various nations that once controlled the island; its authors who, like their fellow islanders, consider themselves Sicilian rather than Italian; and through their deeply ingrained isolationist attitudes of Sicily’s three thousand-year history of being ruled by one invader after another (northern Italians being that latest conqueror during Italian Unification in 1861). Keahey also examines the influence of the Mafia and the impact of Sicilian-Greek myths that still permeate the Mediterranean's largest, most mysterious, and most historically significant island.

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