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Congratulations to the New WAA Board
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Whitehead Alumni Association (WAA)The John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations is proud to announce the new Executive Board of the Whitehead Alumni Association:

Grace Chung and Emily Pease
Co-Vice Presidents: Jay Chittooran and Kathryn Salucka
Co-Secretaries: Lydiette Diaz and Erica Salerno
Co-Events Chairs: Jennifer Brandt and Sarah Shedeed
Board Members-at-Large: Eduardo Vargas, Orges Koka, Bryce Kincaid, Natasha Triplett, James Porter

Upon graduation, all students of the Whitehead School become members of the Whitehead Alumni Association (WAA), an outstanding group of leaders making a difference around the globe.

The mission of the WAA is to serve its alumni community and the initiatives of the Whitehead School. The WAA accomplishes this by providing opportunities including:

  • Maintaining alumni connection with the Whitehead School,
  • Networking for alumni,
  • Continuing education for alumni,
  • Social fellowship for alumni,
  • Networking and experiential education for current students,
  • Assistance with recruitment of new students to the Whitehead School,
  • Assistance with Whitehead School fundraising efforts.

The Whitehead School would like to thank its outgoing Executive Board for their extraordinary service to the School.

To connect with your fellow Whitehead alumni, send your feedback to the new WAA Board and keep track of upcoming events, visit:

For more information please contact:
Gwen Debenedetto
(973) 275-2562


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