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Rich AllenWhen Rich Allen ’10 graduated two years ago, he was eager to start his first job in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t long, though, before he found his way back to Seton Hall to pursue a passion that started here as an undergraduate – working with the Seton Hall community and its alumni.

As the assistant director of the Seton Hall Fund, Allen was tasked with re-launching the school’s phonathon program, this time bringing it back to campus with Seton Hall student callers. “These are our students and they are proud of Seton Hall,” Allen says. “Their stories and experiences really resonate with alumni.”

A skilled fundraiser but new to phonathon, Allen recalls the nervous excitement in the room on the first night of calling. “I just hoped they would have the same passion and excitement for it that I did,” he says. With just a handful of students, the first night was a success and the phonathon continued to grow throughout the next semester. Now a year later, in its second year running, the 24-caller phonathon is responsible for raising more than $68,000 dollars from 900 donors last fiscal year.

“His passion for Seton Hall rubs off on his employees,” hall caller Augustine Altomare, junior, says. “He sets realistic goals, and we blow them out of the water.”

For Allen, the job is about more than bringing in fundraising dollars, it’s an opportunity to connect with both alumni and current students. “I see my own SHU experience reflected in the student callers,” he says.

As an undergraduate, Allen was president of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and helped establish many of the projects they do today, such as the popular Bounce N Trounce, a school-spirit event held annually before the Pirates vs. Rutgers game. The SAA helped Allen recognize the importance of connecting with alumni and fundraising for the school. “Coming in as a freshman, I thought tuition pays for it all,” he explains, “Which is completely not the case.”

Allen and hall callers frequently encounter the “tuition covers it all” state of mind – a myth they fight hard to dispel. “People think giving an unrestricted gift means their money is going into a black hole,” Allen explains. “There is no black hole. The fact of the matter is, whether its $10 or $10,000, those unrestricted gifts allowed us to expand the recreation center, bring technology to campus, and keep the grounds maintained. Simply put: it’s because of alumni support that students can enjoy everything Seton Hall offers.”

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