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Master of Science in Athletic Training Student to Travel to Ireland
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teaser_ojSeton Hall continues to expand its global initiatives increasing the opportunity for students to travel and study abroad. In a recent collaboration between Ireland’s Institute of Technology Carlow’s Honours Course in Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy and the University’s Master of Science in Athletic Training Program, students will be able to spend their last semester of their program in Ireland.

“I chose to take this opportunity because I try to live in the present while consciously reminding myself that my future is not promised. The amount of responsibility I have at this age is minimal compared to that which I hope to have one day,” said Ojirese Momoh.

Momoh is the first of Seton Hall students to participate in this inaugural program. His inspiration to participate started with a sign outside the Office of International Programs posted in Corrigan Hall titled “100 Reasons to Travel”.

“Traveling is essential in my life because without it, I believe my views, beliefs and interactions with other cultures can be limited and close-minded,” he added.

The program begins January 2013 and two Irish students are expected to arrive the first week.

“This international collaboration marks the first one of its kind for our Master of Science in Athletic Training program. It advances the School of Health and Medical Sciences’ mission by providing athletic training students with an opportunity to learn about health systems and the provision of treatment outside the United States,” explained Brian Shulman, dean of the School of Health and Medical Sciences.

He also added, “In addition, the students from IT Carlow who spend time in our athletic training educational program will receive academic and clinical instruction in curricular areas that they would not otherwise have been exposed to. So it’s a win-win for IT Carlow and Seton Hall University.”

(L) Dr. David N. Dowling Head , School of Science - Institute of Technology Carlow
(R) Dr. Brian B. Shulman - Dean, School of Health and Medical Sciences Seton Hall University
“The challenge about the negotiations was accreditation guidelines,” explained Dr. O’Brien. “We needed an institution who would meet several academic and clinical requirements.”

Students will complete a total of ten credits in Ireland. Additionally, Seton Hall students will enroll in a two credit Healthcare Administration course at Seton Hall that will be offered through on-line format.
IT Carlow students who want additional academic experience will learn the skills through this exchange program.

“The Athletic Training profession is not uniquely recognized in Europe. Specific courses of study with similar content are only about ten to twenty years old,” he explained. “This is a forefront educational program that opens European students to athletic training in the United States and eventual opportunity to get the Certified Athletic Trainer credential, which can only be obtained in the U.S.”

Graduates of Seton Hall’s Master of Science in Athletic Training Program are eligible to sit for the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer exam upon graduation.

IT Carlow program graduates are eligible for full membership in the British Association of Sports and Rehabilitators and Trainers and in Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland. For Momoh, this makes the program very attractive.

He said, “In sports, European methods of rehabilitation are famous for being more manual (hands-on) than here in the United States. I am eager to learn as much as possible from the professionals I’ll be working with in Ireland.”

He also added, “When applying for jobs, having international experience will set me apart from the common sports an athletic training student may cover.”

Of the many facets the program offers, Momoh said he merely hopes to get a lasting impression of a new culture.

“I am excited and empowered because I think it will be a challenge being so far away from all my friends and family,” he explains, “but I plan on internalizing that fear by creating a new family and network of friends while I’m there.”

Dr. O’Brien shares a similar excitement for his students.

He said, “The first international athletic training clinical education agreement signed with IT Carlow is ultimately to provide students the opportunity to explore athletic training on a global scale.”

For more information please contact:
Christopher O'Brien
(973) 275-2220


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