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Classics Spring course with a spring break trip
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 Full Story Event Description: A study in the archaeology and history of the region of France beginning with the civilization of the iron age Celtic Gauls and the establishment of Greek cities in the seventh century B.C. through Republican Roman colonization to the end of Roman Hegemony and the rise of the Merovingian kings in the fifth century A.D. until the reign of Charlemagne in the ninth. There is a particular focus on Southern France via a trip to France and visits to Narbonne, Arles, Marseille, among many other cities, and also visits to Greek, Gaul, and Roman archaeological sites and the accompanying museums. Students fly to Montpellier as a group, departing from Newark International Airport. For more information contact Dr. Raymond Capra, Fahy Hall rm. 231, e-mail at



For more information please contact:
Raymond Capra
(973) 275-5822


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