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Study Travel Writing in Italy
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Study Travel Writing in ItalyTravel Writing in Italy
Summer Study Abroad 2013
May 29 to June 12

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gray and Dr. Nathan Oates for a summer study abroad course in May 2013 that will combine first hand experiences of international travel with a study of the literary history of travel writing. We will fly to Rome and spend four days in the city, exploring the rich history and culture of the city, including a guided tour of ancient Roman ruins, and a visit to the Vatican. From Rome we will travel up to the medieval city of Siena, where we will visit local sites of interest, including the beautiful nearby Tuscan countryside. From Siena we will take a short bus to Florence, where we will spend several days taking in the famous art museums and historical sites throughout the city. Along the way we will discuss literary travel essays and short stories, while working on our own travel writing, drawn from our immediate experiences. There will be excursions to ancient ruins, contemporary museums and sites of natural beauty. The approximate cost of the program is $3,400 (subject to change) and includes course administration, airfare, accommodations, breakfast and dinner, local travel and tour guides. This course will run based on sufficient student interest and approval from the University. Students will be eligible for a 25% reduction in tuition for the three credit course (upon approval by the Provost). The course may also be taken for enrichment rather than for credit. This course may be taken to satisfy either the Thematic/Comparative or the Writing elective requirement.  

An information meeting will be held Wednesday, 11/28 at 5:30 p.m. in A&S 242 for students interested in study abroad in Italy.

Interested students should contact Dr. Nathan Oates ( or Dr. Jeffrey Gray ( with any questions.

For more information please contact:
Nathan Oates
(347) 351-8828


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