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Study on Back Pain Needs Volunteers
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Back pain

Both healthy volunteers and volunteers with lower back pain are needed for this study.

Volunteers needed who:
-Are 20-40 years old
-Have chronic or recurrent low back pain
-Are pain free (control subjects)

-Surgery to the low back

The purpose of the study is to test the reliability of a research methodology and examine differences between individuals with low back pain and subjects without low back pain.

Following an initial phone screening where eligibility to participate will be supported, subject will attend one 1.5 hour session. Further proof of eligibility to participate will be determined during the session including weighing and by performing trunk movements.

The subject will perform several step downs from a regular step height. The subject may or may not be asked to wear a back brace. During the activity skin sensors will be on the subject’s trunk and legs. No electrical current or stimulation will be sent to the subject. Digital cameras will record reflective markers attached to the subject.

Participation is purely voluntary. The subject will remain anonymous by coding all data and documents. All records will be securely kept until 3 years after completion of the study, when they will be destroyed and electronic data will be deleted.

If interested, please contact the investigator Dr. Kim Poulsen PT, DPT at or (201) 417-7934 in the School of Health & Medical Sciences, Seton Hall University. The study is part of Dr. Poulsen’ s PhD project in the Graduate Programs in Health Sciences in the School of Health and Medical Sciences at Seton Hall University.

This study is approved by the St. Michael’s University IRB.

For more information please contact:
Kim Poulsen
(201) 417-7934


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