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Psychology major interns at Wakefern Food Corporatoin
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2012 Awards Wakefern GroupIn the spring of 2011, Nichole Chavalier responded to an email blast from The Career Center about opportunities at Wakefern Food Corporation. A few days later she found herself accepting an intern position in their Human Resources department.

In the beginning of her internship, Nichole had the opportunity to observe interviews and learn techniques, which she later used to interview and hire associates for a new Shop Rite store. “I was actively involved in committees and subcommittees (which is how Wakefern functions) and through these meetings I began to see how a retail organization functions behind the scenes. At Wakefern I worked on my communication skills as I was asked to make presentations of my own in front of ShopRite owners and Vice Presidents in the company. I was also able to step up as a leader and coordinate events for the internship program (which consisted of 60 other interns).”

Nichole says that she was drawn to this company because their values as an organization were in line with her personal values of giving and helping.

At the end of her junior year, Nichole wanted to try something different, and interviewed for a Digital Commerce internship position within the company. She received the position and in this new role, she assists with email marketing campaigns, website maintenance, and online catering.

“Prior to my internship I would have never thought that as a psychology major I could work in Human Resources or marketing after college, but my outlook has since changed. I thought I could only do one thing with my psychology degree but Wakefern had shown me how to apply my degree in other areas.
My internship has helped me learned my strengths in the workplace and find things that I enjoy doing. I can truly say that my internship has helped to shape me into a young professional. The connections I have made throughout the company are priceless. The people who I have met have shown me the different paths I can take in the industry and in general and now a new world of possibility is open to me."

For more information please contact:
Reesa Greenwald
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