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South Orange Rescue Squad

The sound of sirens and lights down South Orange Avenue naturally signify an emergency, but many fail to recognize the courageous public servants who answer the calls of those in need. This is especially true of the volunteers who are committed to keeping the Seton Hall community safe.

For a special group of Seton Hall students, volunteering for the South Orange Rescue Squad (SORS) has been their call to servant leadership. Since January 2012, seven students have collectively put in an impressive, 1,628 volunteer hours for the SORS. Volunteers perform duties ranging from building maintenance to providing Emergency Medical Service (EMS) as trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Sophomore nursing major and rescue squad volunteer Logan Rafferty, a radio and communications volunteer, has risen in the ranks. His experience has earned him the title of communications chief, placing him in charge of the radio infrastructure and all other communications devices.

Speaking about the benefits of volunteering for the rescue squad, Rafferty said, “I came here because as a nursing student I thought that this would give me great insight. I already have my EMT license, so this allows me to keep up on my skills while in school.”

South Orange Rescue Squad Captain William Harris is appreciative of the efforts of Logan and all the student volunteers who play important roles in helping the squad succeed.

“Every year we get a group of students from Seton Hall, and it is always a huge asset for us,” said Harris. “We were able to put Logan in charge and he has done an outstanding job. He has absolutely outdone himself.”

Harris, in his first-year as captain, has quickly learned the importance of being prepared, and keeping an open flow of communication between Seton Hall and the rescue squad. For example, effective communication has been important during events that draw in large crowds like October’s GrooveBoston. He and his team work closely with the Seton Hall Public Safety and Security Department and Seton Hall officials to create a safety plan so there are personnel in place and ready to aid if needed.

“What I believe brought us close is not just the medical calls on campus, but now Seton Hall is starting to do more events that require EMS and police,” explained Harris. “We want to make sure that we can be there for certain events, and we like to be prepared if something does happen.”

Seton Hall recognizes the importance of the rescue squad and its assistance to the South Orange community that many Setonians call home. To show its appreciation, University officials recently presented a donation of $6,500 to the squad.

Tracy Gottlieb, Vice President of Student Services, commented on the collaborative effort. “We are very grateful for the care and expertise that members of the SORS bring to our campus,” said Gottlieb. “The fact that some of our students are a part of the squad and assist the greater South Orange community is very satisfying.”

In addition to practical implications and community involvement, Harris explained that students’ volunteer work builds character and leadership.

“We get excellent leadership out of them. They step up above and beyond,” Harris proudly stated. “They’ll ask, ‘What else can we do?’ Especially now-a-days, you don’t get that a lot. I hope that the experiences that they have here help them in whatever endeavors that they face.”

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