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Amit BoseThe first inaugural Special Interdisciplinary Science Lecture will be held on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 12 p.m. in the Lerner Amphitheater (Sc 101) in McNulty Hall. This special lecture series seeks to bring to Seton Hall University a few widely recognized researchers doing cutting-edge interdisciplinary science work. The inaugural guest speaker will be Professor Amit Bose, Ph.D. of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Professor Bose's SISL presentation is entitled: "Mathematics as a foundation for interdisciplinary science: A case study in neuroscience". In the lecture, Professor Bose will explore how the field of Applied Mathematics which is dedicated to using mathematics to model and make predictions of physically and empirically observed phenomenon. Historically, mathematics has been very closely link between mathematics and physics (Newton's Laws, Gauss' Law, String Theory...). One of the newest areas of interest is in Biology, and specifically, in Neuroscience. In his talk, Professor Bose will give an overview of how mathematics is used to describe activity of networks of neurons from the brain. He will show several examples of mathematical models that have been used to understand problems in neuroscience including those related to hearing, visual processing, motor activity, and sleep patterns.

The Special Interdisciplinary Science Lecture is being hosted by the recently organized Science Interdisciplinary Working Group (SIWG) which seeks to actively foster new and help enhance current interdisciplinary science work done at Seton Hall University. The Science Interdisciplinary Working Group includes a desginated faculty member from each of the various science departments. Current SIWG members are Kelly Goedert (Psychology), Angela Klaus (Biology), Tom Marlowe (Math/CS), Rory Murphy (Chem/Biochem),and Jose Lopez (Physics). As part the group's working initiative, SIWG will occasionally organize different University-wide forums to augment the institutional-wide discussion and help with the effort to advance further interdisciplinary science research.

For more information please contact:
Jose Lopez
(973) 761-9057


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