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Chris SpragueChris Sprague ’07/M.A.’10 is the president of the Young Alumni Club. He is employed at Millennium Strategies as a grant writer in Caldwell, N.J.

What made you choose to attend Seton Hall?

I came to Seton Hall as a transfer student after attending a large public school more than 10 hours from home. Not only was Seton Hall a stone’s throw from my childhood home, but it provided the rigid academic environment and structure that was lacking at my first college choice. Looking back, I remember stepping foot on campus for the first time and feeling very welcome and at home in South Orange. The choice to join the Seton Hall community came naturally and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What was your favorite part of your time at The Hall?

When I transferred I was placed in freshman housing with students who were a year behind me in high school. Although a year older, I fit right in and made great friends that I keep in touch with to this day. This community appeal was absent amid the anonymity I felt on the much larger campus at my first school. Everyone was together as part of this new experience during that first year, and although we’ve all since gone our separate ways, I like to think that we still feel that connection to our first few months at the Hall.

How do you stay connected with your alma mater since graduation?

I’ve made a commitment to stay involved with the university in several ways. Upon graduation in 2007, I returned to Seton Hall as a graduate student in the Diplomacy program. I also served as a graduate assistant for the Whitehead School while working towards my master’s degree. Since finishing graduate school, I’ve become actively involved with the Young Alumni Club, helping to plan and lead events that strengthen the connection between our youngest alumni and the University. I’m also a season ticket holder for the men’s basketball team and make it a point to attend and/or watch every game.

What is the Young Alumni Club and your role with it?

The Young Alumni Club is a group of dedicated recent graduates who share a common desire to stay involved with Seton Hall and appreciation for how the University has shaped our lives: past, present and future. Our mission is to create and sustain meaningful connections with young alumni in order to facilitate a lifelong commitment to Seton Hall University. Currently, this mission is pursued through semi-annual events such as the Bar A Alumni Reunion and Alumni Christmas Party, as well as our annual scavenger hunt, networking events, game watches and other opportunities for young alumni to reconnect with one another and the University. We make it a point to return to campus for recruiting events such as Open Houses and University Day to share our story and school pride with incoming members of the Seton Hall community. The earlier we encourage Seton Hall students to develop that enduring connection to the University, the more likely they are to remain an engaged member of the alumni network for the rest of their lives. As president of the Young Alumni Club, I’m primarily responsible for spreading the word about Young Alumni happenings to both our active and non-active members, as well as serving as an ambassador of Young Alumni to other segments of the Seton Hall community.

How did your experiences at SHU help you in your professional endeavors?

Well, I never miss more than 3 days of work per semester, I double space all my writing and wear blue on game day. In all seriousness, my experiences at Seton Hall have shaped my world view, advanced my work ethic and fostered a positive attitude and “Despite Hazards, Move Forward” approach to my work. I run into Seton Hall alumni all the time in my industry and value being able to share that connection with strangers. A Seton Hall education can be a very powerful networking tool if you use it to your advantage.

Do you have any tips or advice for other alumni who might be interested in becoming more involved?

While giving is always encouraged, appreciated and honorable, there are many ways young alumni can stay connected and become more involved. The Young Alumni Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Joining us would provide a direct pipeline to all that is going on with alumni, young and old, who remain an essential part of the Seton Hall community. Most of our clubs, academic programs and athletic teams host alumni events, which are always a great opportunity to reconnect with Seton Hall. Contact the University to make sure they have all your current information, check your email, and follow the Seton Hall University Alumni page on Facebook to receive daily updates on everything that is going on. Being a member of the alumni network is what you make of it: staying connected, keeping abreast of recent happenings and making an effort to keep Seton Hall in your life are all relatively easy steps you can take to stay involved.

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