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SHUmobile Faculty Grants Announced
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The Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center announced in September a request for proposals to provide faculty with the opportunity to engage in academic projects that actively investigate the potential of new technologies. Proposals were submitted and underwent a review process with nine projects being funded. Funded proposals for the fall semester »

Seton Hall University is committed to providing a unique and advanced technological environment for students, faculty, administrators and other community members. As a result of the evolution in mobile technology, and in partnership with Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia, the University recently announced the SHUmobile project, making Windows 8 tablets, ultrabooks and Windows phones available to Freshmen students as part of Mobile Computing 2012. This evolution of technology will enable even more opportunities for communication, collaboration and community building and to enhance the teaching and learning environment at the University.

These grants will be administered by the TLT Center who already supports faculty in a number of disciplines to make appropriate and effective use of tablets and smartphones to enhance teaching and learning in their courses. Through these grants the TLT Center has partnered with additional faculty who are interested in exploring the academic benefits of using tablets and smartphones in their teaching and learning, but who needed access to the technology and/or additional institutional support in order to implement their ideas.

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Lysa Martinelli


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