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Ancient Ethiopia Described by an Art Historian
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Ancient EthiopiaInternational Film Series presents: Ancient African Civilizations: Ethiopia.
Four epic journeys into ancient Africa’s art and culture. Now home to a billion people, Africa produced powerful art, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultures long before the first Europeans arrived. Join Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford as he investigates the continent’s great "forgotten" civilizations. Visit the spectacular monuments of Nubia, explore the mysterious ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and discover the art and technology of ancient Benin. See magnificent Ethiopian monasteries carved out of solid rock, and hear spellbinding stories drawn from the silent objects of the past.

This eye-opening, four-part series (Profiles of Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria) reaches back, long before written history, to expose realms that rivaled Egypt, buildings as inspiring as medieval cathedrals, and art that still speaks to us across the centuries. Most of all, the series casts new light on a long-neglected part of our world’s cultural heritage.

British art historian and trustee of the U.K.’s National Portrait Gallery, Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford has presented several documentaries on African culture and acted as an arts consultant for the United Nations.

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