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Seton Hall's First Student Media Day: A Networking Success
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Student Media DayEditors, producers, photographers, reporters and writers alike gathered in the WSOU studio's recently for Seton Hall's first annual Student Media Day.

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The event, hosted by the office of Public Relations and Marketing, in the Division of University Advancement, gave students the opportunity to meet not only different members of the student media, but university officials and distinguished alumni in the communication field.

Guests included NBC producer and alumnus, Bob Windrem and university president, Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban, who urged the importance of creating and maintaining professional relationships.

"I'm excited about events such as student media day, because it is a great networking opportunity. In today's economy, getting internships and jobs is about the networks you are able to build."

Students, who appreciated the opportunity to meet some prominent alumni and the subjects of their interviews, were able to put a face to the name of some of the people they found themselves reporting on.

Charlotte Lewis, Editor in Chief of The Setonian, commented on the event's importance: "I think that the most important aspect of having this media day and making it a continued tradition, is putting a face to the name of the people in the departments that we need to talk to and get quotes for stories," explains Lewis. "You feel so much more comfortable getting information from someone if you can put a face to the name."

The students were addressed by university officials including Associate Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing, Greg Tobin, as well as informed on some of the new plans that the university is putting into action from Vice President for Administration, Dennis Garbini.

Garbini explained that the university will be undergoing a wide variety of aesthetic change, and that he is grateful for the student media's ability to publicize the university's growing advancements.

Tobin highlighted the collaborative effort between the student media and university administration saying, "I hope that they [student media] look to us as a great resource for getting their jobs done. If we can be of any help or guidance and resource in that, we would love to help."

Student Media present at the event included individuals from The Setonian, Pirate TV, WSOU, The Stillman Exchange, The Student Government Association, Athletics Marketing, The Whitehead Envoy, The Global Current, Pirate PR and Public Relations and Marketing.

"Anytime you get people together, who are all within the same community, it's a good thing," says Mark Maben, WSOU General Manager. "The chance for student media both to meet each other, then to meet the people who help this great university run and operate, is nothing but a positive."

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