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New Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program Students Join the Seton Hall Community
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Summer 2012 Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program Pre-Freshmen

On June 24, 2012, nine eager students with one passion, a successful career in the field of medicine, began the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program (PMPDPP) - a seven-week journey that would test our determination and dedication to our dreams.  

Anticipating our involvement in the program, we all began to prepare for the transition from high school to college as we aspired to become doctors, surgeons, and physical therapists. However, after being welcomed with open arms, each of us was hit with a shot of “reality.” The first few weeks of late nights, early mornings, and long days filled with classes and limited breaks, led us to the conclusion that this experience would require perseverance and dedication.  

Somewhat disconnected from our former outside lives, we thought we could never survive, but soon realized it was much easier to concentrate and succeed without regular access to our beloved electronic gadgets. In a way, it was a rigorous test of our abilities and integrity, and encouraged us to manage our time more efficiently, work collaboratively as a team, and develop a stronger bond with each other. Utilizing effective communication along with persistence and diligence, we were able to meet our deadlines for both individual and group assignments.

We all made sacrifices. We all pulled through. We all developed habits of mind and character that prepared us to start the journey towards the end-goal of success. We all learned that our paths have crossed for a reason, and this reason is to help each other overcome our challenges using our individual strengths and skills.  

We have now proven to ourselves that, as Brian Tracy says, “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Our academic success will surely pave the road to the achievement of our goals but we will be able to stay on this road by supporting each other during times of weakness or self-doubt. As we concluded our summer program, we realize how far we have come in such a short period and truly appreciate the resources and endless assistance provided to us.  

The final culminating event was receiving our “white coats” - we are the PMPDPP class of 2016!

For more information please contact:
Cassandra Graham
(973) 761-9648


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