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Career Hunting StudentsThe recruitment and development of high quality employees is critical for the current and future success of Seton Hall. As such, the University is dedicated to ensuring that all hiring personnel are appropriately prepared to lead effective hiring processes and to recruit and retain the best possible candidates for positions. We are pleased to announce a new policy and program that aim to inform prospective employees’ of the University’s Catholic identity and mission.The policy and program also are designed to help prospective employees and hiring personnel to determine how they can support and contribute to the goals of the University. 

Recruiting for mission training sessions will begin in late September.During the sessions, hiring managers will review Seton Hall’s Catholic identity and mission and learn about recruitment strategies, interview techniques, effective hiring procedures, and background checks.Watch your inbox to sign up for a training session!

For more information please contact:
Jane Jacobs
(973) 761-9181


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