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Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Students Present at the 2012 American Psychological Association Annual Convention
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Lecture with podiumCongratulations to the following doctoral students in the Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. program for their contribution to the 2012 American Psychological Association Annual Convention: Marty Cooper, Brienne Brown, Jonathan Dator and Larissa Maley. These students along with Dr. Laura Palmer, Chair of the Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy, facilitated a symposium reviewing suicidality across a number of underrepresented populations, including older adults, LBGT&Q adolescents and adults, combat veterans, immigrants, and incarcerated adults.

Comorbidity and incidence studies of suicidality within these populations are largely unavailable with the exception of military data. The lack of data makes it difficult to develop effective, targeted programs to assist these individuals or engage in more aggressive prevention. This symposium sought to address the unique risk factors and resiliencies for each of the groups.

In addition to the symposium, the following students were recognized by APA:

  • Jonathan Dator won Best Student Poster Presentation for his study on Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy.
  • Larissa Maley was featured on the APA website for her research exploring stereotypes.

For more information please contact:
Laura Palmer, Ph.D.
(973) 761-9451


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