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scholarshipTake an Entrepreneurship Course and Win $1,500!

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is offering students who take an Entrepreneurship Course at the Stillman School a chance to win a $1,500 Scholarship.

There are (2) $1,500 Scholarships available - One for Undergraduate Students and One for Graduate Students.

Deadline is Thursday Aug. 23

To qualify, you need to have taken an entrepreneurship courses at the Stillman School in the past, or be enrolled in one for Fall 2012. The scholarships will be awarded on September 19 at the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Induction Dinner.

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For Undergraduates, we will offer two Entrepreneurship Courses for Fall 2012 that are 3-credit Management Electives

They are:
BMGT 4566 Starting a Business (MW 10:00 -11:15 a.m.)
BMGT 4640 Entrepreneurship (MW 1:00-2:15 p.m.)

For Graduate students, we will also offer two Entrepreneurship Courses for Fall 2012 that are 3-credit Management Electives with no pre-reqs.

They are:
BMGT 7540 Entrepreneurship
(3 credit Management Elective)

This course is will be taught by Tom Basilo, an alumnus and partner at Withum Smith+Brown. This course focuses on how to write a winning business plan and how to develop the skills needed to buck the odds and become a highly successful entrepreneur. It will include guest lectures by many successful entrepreneurs and provide opportunities for networking. Meets Tues. at 6:15 PM

BMGT 7565 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3 credit Management Elective

Ever wonder how entrepreneurs think up great business ideas that turn into companies like Facebook or Apple? This course will teach you the skills to be innovative both as a professional in a corporation and at a small business: Meets Wed. at 6:15 PM

If you take one of these Entrepreneurship Courses, you will be on your way to earning the 12-credit Entrepreneurship Certificate! For more information on the Entrepreneurship certificate, please contact Susan Scherreik, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, at 973-275-2251.

For more information please contact:
Susan Scherreik
(973) 275-2251


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