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Teaching Creativity With Digital Tablets, Touch Screen and Screen Cast Technologies
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Digital speed painting video of the human heart by Professor William Haney is part of a tutorial suite used in teaching Digital Art and Design in the Department of Communication and the Arts.
The practice of conceptualizing with drawing, note taking, and diagramming has always been indispensable to many disciplines in sharing our thinking in creating and shaping Ideas. However, sharing how these processes actually form an individual’s idea has proved illusive in the past. In keeping with SHU’s commitment to the use of technology in teaching and problem solving, electronic drawing tablets, touch screen technology and screen cast software provide our students a better, more spontaneous means of developing and delivering creative content.

Professor William Haney, a biomedical illustrator and digital designer, teaches digital drawing, painting, and digital design in the Department of Communication and the Arts employs these new digital technologies in his design teaching and tutorials. His students hail from a variety disciplines including art, design, science, business and public relations.

“The human technology of drawing has been one of the most common languages used among, artists, designers, scientists, teachers and engineers for centuries. It has assisted professionals, students and teachers in making ideas clearer by simplifying the complex. Further, this singular, cognitive process ignites design thinking and stimulates collaboration across disciplines.”

Bill Haney and design studentIn the past, the processes of creativity and invention were difficult for the student to follow and replicate. Now, with these new technologies, the teacher’s protocol and thinking can be viewed at any time giving the student the ability to review the creator’s methods, thinking and analytical process.

It is an exciting time to be teaching design, as the design process is no longer relegated to the “talented” few. With the advent of these new visual and audio recording technologies all students can learn to integrate creative solutions into their studies and integrate them with renewed confidence.

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William Haney
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