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The Sister Rose Thering Fund at Seton Hall University announces that educators can now apply for one of 20 scholarships to teach Holocaust and Jewish-Christian studies in public, private, or parochial schools. The fund supports students, both matriculating and non-matriculating, to attend the graduate program of Jewish-Christian Studies in the Department of Religion in the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers a comprehensive curriculum leading to the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Jewish-Christian Studies, as well as a Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies.

The Fund for Jewish Christian Studies, through the vision and aspirations of the late Sister Rose Thering, prides itself on the incorporation of Holocaust-related studies, and its goal is to help educators explore lessons of lasting social significance and counter the destructive power of prejudice and anti-Semitism. The New Jersey State Legislature mandates teaching about the Holocaust and genocide in every school in the state, grades K-12, signed into law by former Governor Christine Todd Whitman and effective April of 1994. The legislature not only created a great importance for teachers to broaden their expertise on such an intimate and historically desolate time in world history, but prompted institutes of higher learning to take action as well.

The late Sister Rose Thering, a woman dedicated to the progression of Jewish-Christian Studies, abolishing anti-Semitism and continuing education for teachers, serves as the namesake and visionary to the Sister Rose Thering Fund at Seton Hall University. The fund provides tuition assistance to more than 40 teachers annually.

David Bossman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Sister Rose Thering Fund urged the usefulness and importance of these courses, discussed one such offering, Lessons from the Holocaust: “In our day when antisocial behavior eats away at the fabric of our communities, the course Lessons from the Holocaust is particularly useful for equipping teachers with the tools to educate citizens in an awareness of personal rights and responsibilities. The dignity of the person, once lost by bullying, targeting and exploiting, cripples individuals and debilitates us all. Education is a social investment for building a functional society,” Dr. Bossman explained.

Other offerings include: Biblical Interpretations, Cross Cultural Analysis, Jewish Ethics and more.

The late Sister Rose’s words exemplify the ambitions of the program, and the ethics behind the curriculum: “I know the power of teachers. It is my deepest wish that teachers in our public and parochial schools, with scholarship assistance, will be able to enroll in Jewish-Christian studies at Seton Hall University to stem the tide of ignorance in our schools and in society.”

For more information on the Sister Rose Thering Fund, the fall semester, and to apply for scholarship assistance, please contact Marilyn Zirl at or call (973)-761-9006. Please visit the program website to download an application at

For more information please contact:
Marilyn Zirl
(973) 761-9006


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