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Pirates Eye on Kevin SpaethKevin Spaeth ’97 is a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in Anthropology. For the past 11 years he's lived in Southern California. He runs the West Coast marketing department for National Retirement Services, a third party administrator that handles qualified retirement plans. On February 14, 2012, Kevin and his wife Jennifer welcomed the birth of their first child, James Finnegan Spaeth.

What made you choose to attend Seton Hall?
For as long as I can remember, I wanted to attend Seton Hall. My father graduated from the main campus in '65 and my mom went to the Paterson campus. My brother got his undergraduate degree in '89 and his master's in '92. Growing up in Red Bank, I would always attend University Day in the fall and as many games as I could at the Meadowlands. I toured some other colleges my senior year at Red Bank Catholic, but my heart was always in South Orange.

What was your favorite part of your time at The Hall?
Would it be appropriate to say Cluck U atomic wings and Clucker Spuds? In all seriousness what I take away most from my time at Seton Hall was the friendships that I made. Even though I've been on the West Coast for over 11 years now, whenever I come home I pick up right where I left off with all of my old classmates. I credit our shared experiences in South Orange for creating such a lasting bond.

How do you stay connected with your alma mater since graduation?
I try to keep connected in a number of ways. My dad is on the Alumni Board, so he keeps me well-informed of what is going on. I've also had the pleasure of meeting with Doctor Esteban twice when he's been in the Los Angeles area. I'm very excited about his vision for the University. I follow Pirate basketball, listening to games on the WSOU website, watching nationally televised games when I can and obsessing over recruiting information on Last April, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream by marrying the love of my life at the Chapel on campus. The restoration has made it one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.

What is it like being an alumnus out on the West Coast?
Obviously there aren't as many alumni out here as there are back east and everything is more spread out in California, but I have managed to keep in touch with alumni. Some of my Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brothers live in San Diego and we celebrate holidays together. I've also gotten together with some alumni to watch the Rutgers-Seton Hall game at ESPNZone in Downtown Disney.

Do you have any tips or advice to other alumni who might be interested in becoming more involved?

If, like me, you're not in the Tri-State Area, I would suggest you get in touch with your local regional admissions director. I've helped Ariana Leon out here on the West Coast with college fairs, talking to high school students about my time at the Hall. It's a really enjoyable experience. Oh, and donate to your alma mater. You're a Pirate, Pirates Give.

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